There is a long cultural history amongst the people in Sipsong Panna, Lan Xang and Lanna. About two to three hundred years ago, many wars between Siam, Lanna and Burma meant that many Tai Lue and Lao Phuan moved to Phrae. It was through this conflict that the Thai Lue and Phuan brought the indigo dye and the knowledge of how to use it, to Phrae, something that would become a gift to this area. Those living in Phrae also had some knowledge of how to produce the natural indigo dye, and they combined this knowledge with the Thai Lue and Phuan. The Phrae area is rich in natural diversity and the environment supported the locals to be able to apply and use their original knowledge. The farmers named the material Phrae Mahom and they became very famous throughout Thailand.

With the period of the industrial revolution, synthetic colors began to rapidly replace the old natural dye. However, trading in Mohom continued and until this day makes quite a large income for Phrae.
A new era began about six years ago when the Government introduced the OTOP (One Tambon One Product) policy. Phrae promoted the famous Mohom as their main product. Nowadays, there are various kinds from real natural indigo to fully synthetic indigo items.

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